Monday, July 01, 2013


Zindagi ke baste mei ummeedon ki toffee hai,
Dard bhare ho fir bhi ek khushi kafi hai,
Sapno ke aangan mei khwahishon ke jhoole hai,
Kabhi muskaan to kabhi muh foole hai.

Barish ka paani hai, to kaagaz ki kashti hai,
Cheezein mehngi hai or zindagi sasti hai,
Daant ke cheente hai.. to pyar ki fuharein hai,
Tanhaiyon ke veerane hai, to sath ki bahar hai.

Yaaron ki mehfil hai, beete dino ke fasane hai,
Purani koi tees bhi hai, pehle pyar ke afsane hai,
Aansuon ke jharne hai, sapno ke baag hai,
Yaadein hai palkon par, naye arman rahe jaag hai.

Choti si kavita hai, bol bhi to meethe hai,
Kuch seedhe hi kehte hai, kuch matlab khud mei hi samete hai,
 Samjho to janoge, ye chede dil ke taar hai,
Na samjho to bhi inme chupa, apno ke liye pyar hai... :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When u think its the end,
its just a little bend,
your life takes a new turn,
bend is a way to say,
that way you don't need to return,
Its just your life's way to tell that
you should not see the sorrows,
you should live in present and dream about tomorrow,
Forgive and forget is what makes life easy..
Worrying about the past just makes you go crazy,
Lessons learnt on the way should be remembered,
When needed in future they should be just rendered.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Zindagi badi ajeeb hai...

Sach kaha hai kisi ne zindagi badi ajeeb hai,
Jo lagta hai dur,asal mein wahi kareeb hai,
Kuch udahran hai chote chote jo baatein kehte badi hain,
Itni badi zindagi bhi, pal bhar ki maut k aage hath bandhey khadi hai..

Bachpan mei maa ne samjhaya paas dur ka fer tha,
jo nazar aye wo paas, jo na dikhe wo dur tha,
par jab dekha tab hua mujhe ye ehsaa hai,
chand jo nazar ata hai wo dur hai, or america paas hai..

Bado ne sikhlaya tha ek paath,daan do deen dukhiyare ko,
Ashish diya k tum samriddh ho or madad karo kismat k maare ki,
Bhagwn ne mujhpe kari kripa or har maah main vetan paati hu,
Jis bhikshuk ko bheekh main deti hu, usse aadhi rakam kamati hu..

Apni aap beeti bhi tumse aj yehi main kehti hu,
Iss bade se shehar k ek chote se ghar mei main rehti hu,
Ek mare hue ko bhi 6 gaz zameen to naseeb hoti hai,
Lekin in bade daftaron mein zinda logo ko bas, 4 by 4 ki jaga hi naseeb hoti hai.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Time to make a Move!

The world is changing very fast with the technology. One of its greatest inventions is computer and to add to it is Internet. It had been a boon and a bane to the mankind. People had benefitted as well as had worse affects due to it especially on the physical fitness. Sitting on a desk and working on computer for hours have in turn increased health hazards.

But now the computer which had once glued you to your seats will make you move.
It’s the time for Gmail Motion.

At first it appears to be a little difficult to memorize the various actions, but it was neither easy to learn computers. Of course people will find it funny to use these actions in office or at public places and also if someone is using them others can make out what the person is currently doing, but everything has its pros and cons. It will definitely be good for visually challenged people and few others too if computers can identify body movements.

In the near future if Google plans to make it more health oriented, no wonder if in sometime these actions will be in lined with the various Yoga asans and pranayams. Double benefit, one can learn Yoga while learning computers or vice versa.

You never know what future has in store for us.
Till then keep moving!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MiXed FeeLings

I was walking back from office and stopped for a while,
just wondered "On Thee Day" how it would be to walk down the aisle?
So many eyes staring at me and giving me smiles,
photographers clicking pics and people standing in style.

I felt my life will be taking a new bend,
With whom I have to stay the rest of my life..
will be standing at the other end.

The thought scared me a little
and my life appeared to me a bit strange,
Does everyone goes through these feelings
whether their wedding is love or arranged?

A new family and almost a new life,
To live upto the expectations, does my being need to be revived,
There be some adjustments and some compromise
What will I be expected to do.. just to act very wise

With this a new chapter of my life will get unfold,
Also, When I'll feel down and low, now i'll have more people to hold
With more responsibilties, even I'll have more people to care
But the feeling that makes me happy is now I'll be remembered in more number of prayers :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another One after long time..

Chhalchhalati ankhon mei naye khwabon ki tarah,
Sawaalon ki bheed mei jawaabon ki tarah,
Is rangeen nagari mei jahan aashiyaan nahi milta,
Chand rupayon mei bhi hum jeete hai zindagi nawabon ki tarah! :)

छलछलाती आँखों में नए ख्वाबों की तरह,
सवालों की भीड़ में जवाबों की तरह,
इस रंगीन नगरी में जहाँ आशियाँ नहीं मिलता,
चंद रुपयों में भी जीते हैं हम ज़िन्दगी नवाबों की तरह| :)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Sunshine Smile! :)o

When I feel low and has no where to go,
When we have small small fights,
and worries keep me up all night,
When I am all in my blues,
and why things are happening I have no clue
The one thing that cheers me in a while,
Is your Sunshine Smile.

When things keep people confused,
Among the things one has to choose,
Life's not always very fair,
Everyone has a part of sorrow to share,
Facing odds with a smile is the style,
But I miss the Sunshine Smile.

When things go upside down,
Tension is all around,
Solutions to the problems you don't know,
And to seek them you don't know where to go,
Keep your spirits bright,
Everything's gonna be alright.
Keeping your faith strong is worthwhile,
I wish you the Sunshine Smile.